Why SignChannel?

Digital Signage that allows you to remotely access your screens from anywhere in the world!

Attention Grabbing
Research shows your target market is more likely to detect, receive, and act on the message on a digital sign.
Media items can be scheduled to play at specific times, days, or date ranges, allowing content to be transformed to meet the needs of your audience at any time.
Log in to SignChannel, select the content, assign the content to a player – and in just a few minutes, your media appears on your screen!
Control multiple devices from one account, ensuring quality and consistency, while requiring minimal resources and hands to operate your digital signage network.

How does SignChannel work?

Step One
Purchase a SignChannel player & subscription bundle, and pair with your screen
Step Two
Use your subscription to access your personal SignChannel cloud account and activate your player
Step Three
Upload/create & schedule your content to see it displayed on your screen