About Us

Why SignChannel?

SignChannel is a revolutionary new service for easy to use, DIY digital signage.
Business owners can purchase a SignChannel certified device and a license subscription per device, install it, log on to the SignChannel platform, and easily create and manage their own content remotely. This is a great way for companies to get started with digital signage and get their static content noticed by their audience!

Multiple devices can also be managed remotely from one account, with different content sets flowing automatically to different players. That content can be your own uploaded photos or videos, or pre-loaded media that is created through our template based slide generation tool (Powered by Scala). Each subscription also gives you access to content from our 1,000 Channels of local news, weather, sports, stock quotes, and more.

No Risk
Try it before you buy it with a free demo account. We’ve got you covered with tons of great features, pre-made templates, free content channels and free tech support and training when you need it.
Low Cost
Our subscriptions and players a highly affordable way to deploy your digital signage network, and we’ll also save you time and valuable resources internally since you won’t need tech experts to get you off the ground or maintain the content.

Core Features of SignChannel

Simple Digital Signage that allows you to modify your displays from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection

Attention Grabbing
Research shows your target market is more likely to detect, receive, and act on the message on a digital sign.
Media items can be scheduled to play at specific times, days, or date ranges, allowing content to be transformed to meet the needs of your audience at any time.
Log in to SignChannel, select the content, assign the content to a player – and in just a few minutes, your media appears on your screen!
Control multiple devices from one account, ensuring quality and consistency, while requiring minimal resources and hands to operate your digital signage network.

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