Apartment Communities

Digital signage creates a dynamic and visually appealing experience while saving you tons of time!

Even the best communities could use some help – you’re signing new leases, answering never ending inquiries, touring prospects, planning events, putting out fires – your day is jam packed! With SignChannel, you can simplify your responsibilities and keep your daily visitors up-to-speed – while giving you more time for what’s important: resident relationships.
Your screens can display:

  • Community events and photos
  • Office hours
  • Contests and fun facts about your staff
  • Videos of the property or nearby businesses
  • News, weather, and so much more!
By creating and managing your own content on a cost-effective digital signage screen, your waiting areas, lobbies and even doorways can be transformed into informative and entertaining spaces. Reduce perceived wait times and educate your audience while diminishing the hassle, time consumption, and cost of printing flyers and sending email blasts.

Impress your prospects and retain residents with this simple solution!