Digital signage helps reduce perceived wait times in your lobby areas while educating and cross-selling to your audience!

What are your customers doing while standing in line, while your tellers are counting money, or while waiting to speak with a representative? With digital signage, you can educate, engage, and entertain your audience, while reducing their perceived wait time. Turn your marketing materials into vibrant attention grabbing media items, controlled from the cloud! Use SignChannel to:
  • Display content relevant to date/time/season
  • Control multiple screens for various branches
  • Entertain your audience with preloaded content such as sports, trivia, news, etc.
  • Upload current marketing promotions or videos
  • Cross-sell while customers wait in drive-thrus and lines
Create and manage your own content on a cost-effective digital signage screen – enhance your waiting areas and drive thrus and transform them into informative and entertaining spaces. Reduce perceived wait times, educate your audience, and reap the benefits of digital signage today!