Corporate Communications

Looking for an efficient and essential communication tool? Emails, flyers, bulletin boards are consistently overlooked – but employees and visitors tend to notice and act on visually engaging digital displays.

With our digital signage platform, you can change and control your messaging across rooms, locations, and even countries with just a few clicks.

Use SignChannel to:

  • Display events, goals, fundraisers, birthdays, etc. around the office
  • Pre-schedule any of your media by time of day, day of the week, or specific date set
  • Share live information such as sports, weather, workout tips, and news with our pre-loaded content
  • Post internal announcements to replace those highly overlooked emails and get your employees all on the same page
  • Mount signboards near doorways to relieve the confusion of conference room scheduling
  • Keep visitors and guests informed and entertained with our desktop signboards – great for receptionist desks

Don’t allow your messages to go overlooked any longer, use SignChannel for a highly controllable communication tool that draws your audience.Our DIY signage allows your IT department to utilize their time with other things – while the department in charge of messaging can display what they find to be valuable!