Use Digital Signage as a one-stop-shop to communicate with your students and faculty!

Still getting the word out via emails and flyers? Studies have shown that these means of communication are not as effective as they have been in the past. As a matter of fact, 97% of students prefer to receive information via digital channels than from non-digital sources such as a paper flyer or a static sign*!

SignChannel gives you the tools to turn your emails and flyers into real time information! You can use your screens to display:

  • Special campus events and promotions
  • Local weather, news, events
  • Bookstore and food court promotions
  • Contests and fun facts about staff
  • Videos of campus events, upcoming promos, etc.
  • Third party advertising
By creating and managing your own content on a cost-effective digital signage screen, students stay well informed and will be less inclined to “trash” or overlook your messages. With the ability to update each screen, you can target different environments rather than stapling flyers to each location any time the information becomes irrelevant or expired.

Create desirable messaging and keep your campuses informed with SignChannel!