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Frequently Asked Questions

Players & Playlists

Can I connect the video outputs of the players to multiple displays at the same time?

​Yes, the IAdea XMP series and the Brightsign players supports simultaneous (mirrored) output to HDMI and VGA. You can connect 2 displays with this method.

How do you adjust the volume on a IAdea XDS-195 19” display?

You can adjust the volume through screen’s menu. You have to unlock the key first, then adjust the volume. Press the menu button, then up, down, up, down, menu to disable key lock. Now you can adjust the volume. Menu auto locks after 5 seconds of inactivity.

My BrightSign player does not show the Activation Code

Make sure the SD card is inserted into the player and that is contains the “autorun.brs” file that points to SignChannel.

How do I adjust the volume on my player?

​If you have a digital signboard, you can go int the menu and adjust the volume. If you have a media player, you adjust the volume at the TV or monitor.

Can I move my player to another location?

Yes. Once the player has been activated in your SignChannel account, you may move it anywhere that has an internet connection. The player will continue to download the same Playlist assigned in your account. If your player is setup on wireless, you will need to change the Network and Password for the new location.

How To

How to configure your XMP-330 player for SignChannel

It’s very easy!

1. Format a USB stick using FAT/FAT32 file system. Using fresh formatted USB stick is recommended

2. Copy the configuration file config.dat to the USB stick.

3. While the player is turned on and fully booted up, and the ethernet cable and monitor is connected to the player, Plug the USB stick into the

player. The configuration will be applied then the player will reboot.

4. Unplug USB stick after reboot.

5. The activation code will show up on the screen if the player connected to SignChannel successfully.

6. In the SignChannel interface, click the “+” in the player area to add the player to your account.

7. Enter the new Activation code for your player.

Start using your player and SignChannel account!

How do I create custom slides from the 100’s of built in templates?

From the Channels & Media tab, under the “Upload” button is “Create Slide”. Choose this and select one of the predefined categories like Hotels, Restaurants, then pick a template from one of those listed.

Simply type your custom message into the form and drag and drop a graphic (such as your hotel’s logo) from the browse assets button or upload your own graphic here.

Click Preview to see what your slide will look like. Then click “Yes, save” or “no, go back”. When completed, merely drag your new media item into a channel of your choice. Again verify that this channel is added to your playlist and that your player is playing that playlist.

How do I set the resolution of my player to match my screen?

​Screen resolutions come in many different sizes. Many 40″ to 42″ are either 1360×768 or 1920×1080. Smaller desktop LCD screen can vary from 1280×1024 to 1440×900 to 1680×1080 and anything in-between. Please consult your owners manual for your screen to learn it’s native resolution.

Once you know the resolution of your screen, from the Player & Playlists menu, open the gear next the player you want to set. Select the resolution of your screen from the drop down list and click save.

You will notice that you can also select either Landscape or Portrait modes here, as well as selecting a slider to make the picture a little larger or smaller to fit a screen as necessary.

Please also be sure to upload content that is a similar aspect ratio to your screen for best results. (ie: 4×3, 16×9, 9×16)

How do firmware updates work?

​​Easy. For all SignChannel certified players that support remote software updates, the web GUI will alert you when a software update is ready to be downloaded. Simply click the OK button here to proceed with a remote firmware update.

How to configure an IAdea player for Wi-Fi

​Use the easy online Wi-Fi configuration tool here

By entering your SSID and passkey, this utility will have that to a USB Flash drive, which then can be inserted into the USB port of the IAdea player.

Alternatively, you may plug a keyboard into the USB port of your IAdea device and navigate to “Network Settings” to configure your network manually.

Hardware Support

Outform iView and iDisplay

Email support: here

Tutorials are here

CeeNee Orchid Players

​Quick Setup Guide is here.

Email Support here or check FAQ page or call 1-408-890-5018.

Buy Hardware online here or email or call 1-408-432-0888 for a quote.

BrightSign HD210 and HD1010

​Support site:

Email support: here.

Buy hardware online here.

Download the latest BrightSign script for SignChannel here.

(Please note!! This “script” must be loaded onto an SD card and remain in the HD210/1010 unit for it to work with SignChannel)


1. Download

2. Unzip the file, and copy autorun.brs to the sd card

3. Insert the sd card into the BrightSign unit

4. Power on the BrightSign unit

5. After about 45 seconds you’ll see a start screen with information about your BrightSign unit and display

6. If your device is connected to the network you then see a SignChannel content feed

– If you have not yet paired the device to your SignChannel account you will see a slide with activation instructions and a activation code

– If your device is already activated you will see your slideshow display

IAdea HD, SD and SignBoards

​​Setup Guide is here. (PDF here)

Support site

Email support:

Buy hardware online here.

Channels & Media

Can I edit a Template that I created in SignChannel?

​Yes, once your template has been created, you can open it again from within your library and select “Edit Template”.

How do I subscribe to USAToday (or other) RSS feeds?

​Sometimes you have to search a little to find the right feed format on a publication’s RSS page. Click on the link that says “subscribe to this feed using your favorite reader.XML” or “view feed XML”. Cut and paste that URL into the Custom RSS Text Channel.

In a Custom RSS channel, how do you see the rest of the story?

​You will not see the rest of the story. The Channel is just for the headline (and picture if available) and a short paragraph to be a little informative and grab someones attention. It may only be on the screen for 10 seconds.

I tried uploading a video with the extension of m4v and I get a “format not supported” error.

For m4v files, simply change the file extension to mp4


How do I change my Username and Password?

At the top of the screen to the left of “Sign Out” you will see two names. One will bring you to “Edit Account” where you can change info like name, address and phone number. The other brings you to “User Information” like email address, username and password. When you change your password, you must have at least 6 characters including 1 number.

How do I get a copy of my SignChannel Invoice?

​Login using your credentials at

Select Scala Customer Services.

For Bills – choose ‘All transactions’ then select the item you wish to print.

Can I use a PC as a player?

​No. Only certified SignChannel players can be used on our network.

I signed up for a free demo account but did not receive the Invitation to Register email.

​​It is possible the email is being blocked by a spam filter. Check with your IT department. Either the IT staff or your Internet service provider is blocking our server located at You can try again outside of their network.

How can I add my own content to a playlist?

Couple of things to remember here: Your CONTENT goes into a CHANNEL and CHANNELS go into a PLAYLIST.

So in order to get your content into a Playlist, you’ll need to put your content first into a channel, then add that channel to playlist

Step by step, here you go:

1) Click on “Channels & Media” at the top of the signchannel home page.
2) Click on “upload slide”, browse to a picture you’d like to upload, the select it and click OK.
3) Your picture is now added to your library. Simply drag and drop it on a channel on the left to add to one of your channels.
4) Now click on “Players & Playlists” at the top of the page, and then drag and drop your channel into a playlist.
5) Lastly, verify that your player is playing the playlist you think it is by clicking on the gear symbol next to the player of interest.

Now sit back and relax as your system downloads your new content!

I’ve forgotten my password! HELP!

Send us an email…we’ll reset it for you!